The Oktoberfest in Munich is the largest folk festival in the world. For years now, it has been held at Theresienwiese, which has gained global fame as a result.

Every year special beer is brewed especially for the Oktoberfest. This is just one of the reasons why it draws more than 6 million visitors annually. Many foreign guests visit Oktoberfest, dressed in the traditional costume of Lederhosen for the men and a Dirndl for the ladies, of course!

With 14 large tents and several medium and smaller tents, guests are spoiled for choice. Which begs the obvious question: where’s the best place to drink your litre of beer? And of course: after Oktoberfest is before Oktoberfest! You’d be well advised to make a reservation for the next year as soon as possible after Oktoberfest. Some proprietors take reservations as soon as just a few weeks after Oktoberfest comes to a close. The most affordable tents at Oktoberfest are Metzgerstubn vizenzmurr and the Ammer tent. For further information, click here.

Directions from GHOTEL hotel & living Munich City

The event is held at Theresienwiese. This is within comfortable walking distance of our hotel, since it is a mere 100 metres away. So you’ll have Oktoberfest waiting practically at your doorstep!

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