Make wonderful holiday memories on the River Main – in the wine town of Wuerzburg.

Soak up the spring atmosphere on the banks of the River Main or explore the wine town’s main historical sights. During the warm months, the “Water, Wine, Wuerzburg” event offers the unique opportunity to experience the beauty of the city and the region by boat. Important historical buildings in Wuerzburg such as Wuerzburg Cathedral or the Old Main Bridge are within walking distance. The mansion with baroque garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is just one kilometre away from the GHOTEL hotel & living Wuerzburg. It houses the Martin von Wagner Museum with its extensive painting gallery and collection of antiques and graphic art. In medieval town of Randersacker, only a few kilometres up the Main, you can experience the thousand-year history of Franconian viticulture up close.

Cultural Wuerzburg

Go on an exploration tour through the baroque city on the Main and discover impressive buildings such as the Marienberg Fortress and the Prince Bishop’s Residence. Look forward to a guided tour with the city night watchman, during which you will get to know Wuerzburg in a special way.

From € 155.00 p.P.

Water, Wine, Wuerzburg

Enjoying the Main alley onshore and during the day is too boring for you? We take you on a boat trip and a guided tour with a night watchman!

From € 165.50 p.P